Why Positive Discipline Classes?

Google "parenting"/ "parenting books" - and the search results are numerous! Being a bookworm myself and being totally engrossed in those websites, gave me only theoretical knowledge. What happened at my first Positive Discipline parenting class? What changed for me? Why attending a Positive Discipline class is essential?

Preparing children for the road

"The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them" -Frank A. Clark. Read on as I point out some of the essential skills needed to develop into capable individuals.

Connection before Correction

Whenever a baby cries, we rush to take care of the need. Young children often lack adequate language skills and the neurology to convey their needs. How do they express their needs? How do they express their need to feel belonged? Whenever they misbehave, do we pause to think about what their need might be? Or do we use punitive methods - punishment/ scolding/ shaming, to correct the misbehavior first? What is the child's private logic?

Parenting Styles

The pros and cons of different parenting styles.

Looking beyond Behavior

Is positive discipline related to misbehaviors and tantrums? What if a child is well behaved? How can we see our children at their core? How does Positive Discipline help?

Kind And Firm

One of the hallmark feature of the Positive Discipline approach - it is the AND that brings the Kind and Firm together to avoid extremes.

Montessori And Adler

So much similarity between the ideologies of the Montessori education system and Individual Psychology - which is credited for being the spine of Positive Discipline tools and techniques.

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