Parentingkarma shares learnings and experiences with Positive Discipline tools.

Our aim is to support parents in their parenting journey and equip them on how to help children develop *Problem-solving skills *Self-esteem *Responsibility *Self-discipline *Resiliency *Motivation *Accountability *Flexibility etc., etc., and more such essential life skills.

The tools shared also help to breakthrough and solve challenges like *Power Struggles *Strong-willed *Tantrums *Sibling Fights *Tough Listeners *Homework battles *Lack of Motivation for school *Sharing responsibilities *Back Talk etc.

Why life skills?

Real life proofs exist to show that possessing life skills like communicating effectively, ability to work cooperatively, a sense of self-respect, social consciousness, decision making and problem solving - predict not only academic success but also success in the community and professional life.

Since the development of these skills begin in early childhood and parents are the child's first influencers, it is vital that they are able to help children *Embrace these skills *Thrive *Encourage them to be capable individuals and *Contribute in this constantly changing world!

There is tons of research about how children's attitudes change dramatically when they are treated with respect and understanding. Their skill set expands, thus enabling them to become capable citizens of the world.

Why Positive Discipline?

Children don't come with a set of directions. And each child is unique; and so is each family. Moreover, effective parenting skills are not instinctive! Positive Discipline parenting tools and techniques are like a manual for parenting.

This is an experiential learning program developed by Jane Nelson and Lynn Lott (both trainers of Adler's Individual Psychology), for parents and teachers to discover tools t0 teach children - essential social and life skills. It is based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, both psychologists, who pioneered parenting education.

All of these parenting recommendations help approach the child at a developmentally appropriate level, through tweaks in our everyday routines. The highlight is that each tool can be implemented independently or in combination with other positive discipline tools, wherein parents get to choose what works for them/ for their child/ for their existing family framework, at a pace which works for everyone involved.

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